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Welcome to Jones Health and Performance: home of the essential fitness knowledge for those who care about the health of their bodies, their minds, and our planet.

What will you get from this site?
This may come as a shock to most, but getting in phenomenal shape is in no way complicated.
Whether your goal is to burn fat and lean out or bulk up and pack on  muscle  the process is very simple.
Both can be distilled down to a handful of basic principles.
The primary goal of this site is to teach you these foundational principles.
But as I said, that’s going to leave a lot of time on our hands… so we’ll cover some significantly more important things here as well.
Things that will make your life better and hopefully help do a tiny part in curing all that ails mankind.
Preposterous you say?
I agree.  But anything less seems like we’d be setting the bar a little low, don’t you think?
In addition to this site providing the typical “eat this, do that in the gym”  you’ll also:
  1. Learn how to build and maintain the habits to achieve your fitness goals
  2. Learn to overcome the mental barriers that hold most people back in diet, exercise, and life
  3. Find out how the way you treat your body and mental health has far rippling impacts that shape the world at large both environmentally and socially
 So yea, that’s where we’ll start, and we’ll go from there…
I think it should be enough material to keep us busy for a bit.
If you found yourself sneering at that list… this may not be the place for you, and that’s cool…

But if you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down… Here’s A Massively Important Point
This site exists entirely for you.
Make yourself at home, leave your thoughts in the comments, share things if you think other people will benefit from them, and let me know what you want more of or less of in the comments or by email.
Whatever you do, don’t be one of those creepy characters who lurk around in the shadows without saying hello.
The goal is to build this into an awesome community that supports and inspires eachother to do good, whatever that means to you. And no, the irony of attempting positivity on the internet is not lost on me.
Thanks for reading, I’m glad that you are here.
Your friend,
P.S. – You read this far? Much love my friend, come tell me you did it so I can lavish you in the praise you so rightly deserve.