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About Nate

First off, in case you were wondering who the “I” behind this writing is, here’s a shot of me pretending to be coordinated. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think the branch I was hanging from snapped soon after this was taken.

My name is Nate Jones, I founded Jones Health & Performance in January of 2014.
Jones Health & Performance is my humble attempt at improving the lives of others by helping them realize their health and physique goals.
Growing up I was a nerd by all accounts.
I preferred reading to playing sports.
I spent my afternoons collecting bugs with my friend Curtis into my teens. It was later discovered Curtis didn’t even like bugs, he was just a charitable guy…
My favorite hobby was, and still is, fishing.
I’ve debated the merits of each member of the Fellowship of The Ring at length on numerous occasions.
To this day I can discuss the 152 original Pokemon and the recite the levels at which they evolve, the ones that didn’t require stones that is. 
When I grew interested in women, I figured it would be behoove me to ditch the nerdy carapace. 
Even as a 14 year-old-boy I had the wherewithal to realize that I’d need to have a little more to offer than “want to link Gameboys and battle?”
Now, I knew I didn’t want to actually abandon the nerd lifestyle.
After all, it was the life I had chosen, and I preferred it that way.

I simply wanted to develop the facade that I believed girls to be attracted to. As such, I set about building a leaner, more muscular physique.
Somehow; and I would now say in spite of following the horrendous advice I found splattered all over the walls of the internet, I experienced minor success. 
To my dismay, the girls were none too impressed… 
Regardless, I was hooked. 
And despite the risk of making this story as cliché as possible, that time period and the training I did within it literally changed my life. 

Without spending the next 4 hours typing, I’ll just say that it taught me the majority of the lessons that I so sorely needed as a blundering pubescent with the dashing good looks of Harry Potter and all the charm and social skills of Gollum.


Standard expression during conversation with a female (circa 2004)

But enough with the tall tales of yore…
Why should you listen to me?
In my short time on this planet I have tried more workouts, supplements, and diets than any human being should, and any sane human being has. 
I have lost over 20 pounds of fat and gained 30 pounds of muscle.
Anything you may be going through or trying to achieve in the health and physique department, I have been there or have successfully helped clients go through (although I still haven’t found a way to experience menopause as it were).
In short, I’ve sorted through the oceans of misinformation in the fitness world so that you don’t have to. 
I have helped many an average Joe/Jane to build the lean, healthy bodies they want and sent several high school athletes to NCAA programs.
Simply put –  my methods work.
And to let you in on a bit of a secret… it ain’t that complicated.
Ultimately, that’s what this site is all about, distilling things down to what truly matters.
The boring details…
I have a BS in Exercise Science from Towson University and am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  In my professional career I have worked as a strength coach for football and softball teams, as a personal trainer, and in physical therapy/rehabilitation settings.
Currently I work with clients at a private training studio in Camarillo, California as well as online.