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Client Results

Evan R.
“I wanted to take a moment to post a review on my experience with Nathan and Jones Health and Performance. First and foremost, my training with Nathan has been a bit unorthodox due to being almost 2700 miles away from his gym. What he has done for me is create a system that works within my schedule and lifestyle and provides a structure that I can follow. He has taught me that the one thing most necessary to achieving results above anything else is consistency. His weekly check-ins with me on my performance and results have kept me motivated for the last 15 weeks and lead me to great results. I am down almost 20 pounds while increasing my squat and deadlift by 100 and 110 pounds! But more importantly I feel this is something I can maintain as part of my lifestyle without fear of gaining it all back. I am now in better shape than I was even during college rugby, and I have no intentions of looking back. He has changed more than just my workout routine, he changed the way I look at exercise and my personal health.”
Tim B.

 “I have been working with Nathan for about three months. In that time I have seen tremendous strength gains, more than doubling the amount of weight I can squat and deadlift. Nathan has also worked with me to improve flexibility, resulting in greater strength and improved posture. I have also seen increased muscle definition. Nathan’s workouts show that an improved physique and better overall fitness don’t require six days a week in a gym—just a trainer with a good program.”

Danielle Y.
“I have been running since middle school and was wondering how I could regain my competitive edge. I had tried running with a running club and every type of workout you could imagine and yet I saw very little progress. Within two months of training with Jones Health and Performance, I saw tremendous gains in my strength and speed. I am now running faster than I have in years without having to log extra miles. I also have lost six extra pounds that I did not know were hindering my performance. It is so exciting to go out and race knowing I am continuing to make progress. I would highly recommend this organization not only to athletes but anyone looking to improve their overall health.”
Araseli A.

22.8 lbs lost

Lorenzo S.
“I started working with Coach Jones the summer before my senior year [of high school]. The program he designed for our team took my game to a new level. I had always been one of the strongest kids on the field, but I knew that once I got to college ball [football], I wouldn’t be able to push every guy around the way I was used to in high school. Coach Jones helped me develop power and agility to go with my strength and make me a complete player. I now have offers from 3 different schools to play next year. [Lorenzo decided upon Mount Union College in Ohio]

Paul G.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 4.57.47 PM

8 weeks +55 lbx5 reps deadlift, +3 pullups, +35lb x 5 reps squat

Amy T.
“I started with Nathan at a very rough time in my life. I had constant knee pain and felt fatigued just from walking up the stairs in my townhouse. I was so heavy and out of shape that my surgeon refused to operate on my knee until I got my weight under control. From our first session I was impressed by Nathan’s knowledge and understanding of the body.  He was able to construct workouts that not only helped me drop the fat as my doctor ordered, but also strengthened my legs without irritating my knee. After 6 months of working together I have lost over 40 lb. I’m now at the weight I was aiming for to undergo surgery, but now I have so little knee pain from the weight loss and training that I’ve yet to schedule it!”