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Online Coaching

“I wanted to take a moment to post a review on my experience with Nathan and Jones Health and Performance. First and foremost, my training with Nathan has been a bit unorthodox due to being almost 2700 miles away from his gym. What he has done for me is create a system that works within my schedule and lifestyle and provides a structure that I can follow.  His weekly check-ins with me on my performance and results have kept me motivated for the last 15 weeks and lead me to great results. I am down almost 20 pounds while increasing my squat and deadlift by 100 and 110 pounds! But more importantly I feel this is something I can maintain as part of my lifestyle.” 
– Evan R. 
Online Coaching?
“Sounds like a scam.”
The woman I was dating replied to my sitting in a coffee shop waiting to Skype with someone across the country to discuss what they’d eaten that week.
“A scam” was her assessment of online coaching.
Let’s just say it didn’t work out.
With the woman, not the online coaching.
Here’s the truth…
If what you want from personal training is rep counting and intermittent shouts of “all you!” … then yes – online coaching is definitely a scam.
Just train a chimp.
Hell, an exceptionally bright guinea pig might even cut it.
If the value of training for you is in the simple act of trading your money for 30 minutes of someone else’s time; this isn’t for you. 
Here’s a a cat video to watch while the rest of us read on…

If you’re looking to learn the essential principles and practices to build the body you want then maybe this is for you.
With online coaching I create individualized nutrition and training programs designed to make your vision for your body into reality in the fastest and most enjoyable way possible.
Along the way,  I’ll teach you about the technical stuff like the way hormones and macronutrients work and how to periodize your training for continued progress. 
Here’s a strange concept…
I don’t want you to need online coaching forever.
Ideally, you’ll get awesome results over the course of a few months and master the skills you need to maintain them without me. That “continued progress”?
The rest of your existence on this planet.
With your new body and confidence you’ll go on to do incredible things that benefit mankind instead of being another drone fad-dieting and binge watching reality television.
And when people inquire as to how you became such a bad mother…
You’ll tell them it was online coaching with that dude with the terrible sense of humor. 
And we’ll all be better off.
Enough Chit-Chat Jones… How does it work?
You’ll start by filling out the form below where you’ll describe your immediate goals.
If it looks like I can help – I don’t just take anyone – we’ll hop on a call and you will detail your current fitness level, nutrition knowledge, previous attempts at your goals, and the remaining 99.9% of your life.
After consulting with some of the top minds here at Jones H&P headquarters…
10440110_259340840928728_5686354878179159637_n 2
I’ll get to work devising a customized workout and nutrition plan that delivers the results you want without turning you into a bark-nibbling prohibitionist who never enjoys good times with their friends and family.
Along the way we’ll be in touch as often as you need via email, text message, carrier pigeon, etc.  
Additionally we’ll meet once a month for video check-ins where we can go into depth about the program rationale and discuss any questions you may have. 
*** Disclaimer ***
Online Coaching is not for everyone
While online coaching gives you access to a professionally designed nutrition and workout program, it does not hold your hand and skip merrily alongside you through that program.
No matter the amount of fa-la-la-ing that may ensue.
If you are the type to compose wild victim stories about why you’re the ONE person in the world who can’t improve their health and physique with diet and exercise… you’ve got bigger problems than coachin’.
However, if you’ve realized the time is now and are ready to finally build the body you’ve always wanted…
Fill out the form below and let’s make it happen.