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Personal Training

I provide personal and semi-private training in person at my location in Camarillo, Ca.
What exactly will you get from each of these training styles?
Personal Training 
  • The best option if you are completely new to exercise or have any physical limitations or injuries.
  • An entirely customized training program tailored to the goals you share with me during our initial consultation.  *** This is the primary difference between personal and semi-private training, total personalization.
  • Nutrition coaching that is based entirely on your lifestyle. We won’t waste time with any of the petty jibba-jabba that people so often get bogged down in or try to force you to adhere to some meal plan that requires you never go to parties/on dates/outside of the padded room
Semi-Private Training
  • Provides most of the benefits of 1-on-1 personal training at a fraction of the cost. 
  • If you have a decent amount of experience with exercise and no injuries or limiting conditions, semi-private training is your best option.
  • Customized nutrition coaching for both fat loss and muscle gain

Unlike conventional boot camps which focus on beating you down to give the impression of a “good workout” these group sessions are designed for one thing- to make you better when you walk out of the gym. 

We deliberately make progress in strength and endurance using only the most effective exercises and techniques so that you predictably grow leaner and stronger from month to month.

One of the big fallacies of the training world is that the training for muscle gain and fat loss are completely different. In fact, they are strikingly similar. The “x-factor” so to speak is actually your diet.
Believe it or not you can actually gain weight or lose weight while using the exact same training protocols .
We’ll be sure you understand the how to eat to accomplish either of those goals.
The final, and most often overlooked, benefit of semi-private training is the social support of the people you’ll be working out with.
Most peoples’ worlds bombard them with stress and unhealthy means of dealing with that stress.
By having a group of like-minded people to train, share ideas with, and be inspired by, you’ll have the support necessary to overcome those days where you feel like you’ve been smacked upside the head by Reality in a Mr. T suit.
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